Kim Kardashian Gets A young Marriage Gift From Beam : The earnings Using their company Well known Porno Video tape!

Wow. We doubt this was on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s registry.

Ray J is gifting the soon to be husband and wife with an early wedding present. But something tells us Kimmy ain’t gonna like unwrapping this…

Kim’s former lover is giving her the profits from their infamous sex tape!


Sources say he’s going to fork over four months worth of earnings that the tape has made in sales, which comes out to about $47,000!

Wait. The Kim and Ray J video is making THAT much money a month?!

Apparently so!

Here’s the breakdown on what that XXX tape has made each month this year:

January – $6,135.60

February – $20,097.31

March – $9,674.76

April – $10,931.52

For a grand total of $46,840.13!

And that’s just Ray J’s cut!

Vivid Entertainment has said that Kim gets an even BIGGER percentage of the sales and that the porno has grossed over $50 MILLION already!

Ray J has said that if Kim doesn’t want his “gift” he’ll donate the money to charity.

Well, at least some good will come out of this!


Kim Kardashian Lose Her Weight

From Kim Kardashian gave birth of her daughter in June 2013, has seen many laser treatments , in order to remove stretch marks , especially on her breasts . Also lost more than 50 pounds , and that brought a lot of rumors and speculation in the media .

People also rumors that she had already received a butt implant surgery to enhance her bottom for larger after birth and therefore makes you look slimmer and bustier than before . He also argued that he needed to ” complete transformation ” that make them look better after motherhood.

This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian slammed rumors in the newspapers. In January 2014, reports began your weight loss 50 £ costing $ 80,000 , including plastic surgery and liposuction treatments . However , he insisted that rapid weight loss and mainly due to the training and low-carbohydrate Atkins diet strictly . He also denied the allegations , saying that the weight loss was the correct diet adherence compared with surgery and described as ” false reports . ”
At the same time , the husband of Kim Kardashian , Bruce Jenner , is also in the headlines after suffering through plastic surgery to flatten your Adam’s apple . He claimed many of the media reports Jenner is looking for a sex change operation , and even after the family rejected the claims as “ridiculous .

Fianzas Khloe Kardashian to Cancela Rios Joan Ray J Sex tape Kim Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian to be steaming mad at Joan Rivers for video sexual deceive his sister to do so with a hilarious interpretation of Ray J … so it’s saved in the exhibition co- host Joan at the last minute .

It was scheduled for Khloe shooting on Wednesday to Joan E! Show ” Fashion Police ” , but sources close to the production tell us … Khloe to withdraw …. hmmm , like Ray J.

The exhibition was launched by Joan panic – perhaps Khloe satisfaction – because they have to fight for a new co- host and re-do script.

TMZ broke the story … Joan filmed sketch comedy with Ray J for their new WE TV show ” Joan and Melissa : Joan Knows Best ” – impersonating famous Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex romp .

It’s very funny … but they are not laughing Kardashians .

Khloe Kardashian Kollection for Absolutely Lipsy UK

Kardashians again taken the spotlight ; This time, he traveled to the United Kingdom , where they have launched a successful fashion line known for its ” Kardashian Kollection”. Kim was at the forefront of this work for some time . Kardashians successfully promoted their product lines in the United States and turned into a business expansion across Britain . Took the opening line of fashion in the United Kingdom in London at a special ceremony to celebrate it . Kardashian Kollection line will be available in the branches of Dorothy Perkins stores in the UK.

Kim and Courtney attended the launch party while Khloe left post for the host of the television show X- Factor popularly mentioned . Plan to spread your fashion taste in the United Kingdom does not stop there ! Kim said he would like to open their own stores in the future . Said her sister, Courtney already talked about it. And ” Kardashian Kollection” line also introduced across the Middle East and Asia. Is that Kim has big plans for this line of fashion. Its network of social media is also a great place to hang out to find many of the products . His fame as a star of reality TV , and now as an entrepreneur puts him at the forefront of success. With a little pressure from reliable Kanye and internal motivation , always seemed to possess Kim is on his way to the overall success of the two in the field of business as well as entertainment .

At home , the clothing line Kardashian Kollection available at Sears . We have also created a line of nail polish , ” Kardashian KOLOR”, and others. You have a social networking site will no doubt give more information and updates on new products and take these brave women world challenge with confidence and motivation.

Kim Kardashian SuperStar Full Length Sex Tape

To view the full sex tape , Kim Kardashian , you might also want to learn more about the reality star . Before the covers of magazines , before people began to keep up with the activities of his family and perfume lines before , and was famous for the infamous Kim Kardashian .

Kim Kardashian , born on October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles , California , is a fashion designer , actress, model and television personality States. In 2000 , Kim , of only 19 , she married Damon Thomas . Thomas gave for divorce in 2003 , but he later said that Kim was split because of emotional abuse and physical you. During this time, Kim was also a close friend of Paris Hilton . This friendship has made ​​to draw media attention . Before finalizing their divorce , Kim began dating singer Ray J, Brandy Norwood ‘s brother small . In 2007 , and rose to fame after Kim’s sex tape with her ​​former boyfriend Ray J has been disclosed. She filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment to distribute the film as Kim K Superstar , but he declined and stabilized him for five million dollars.

Now , have revealed some years after her sex tape with her ​​then boyfriend Ray J, reality star states she understands the impact it has had on his career. It is believed that Kardashian sex tape because they were introduced to the world, but because it was in a negative way , I felt I really had to work ten times harder to get people to know the real . Today , Kardashian says she embraces the jump belt – began his popularity as well as her marriage to Kris Humphries lasted only 72 days as part of their lives.

Want to see full Kim Kardashian Sex Tape ? This is not a problem as there are many sites where you can buy and download the tape. Sex tape is about 40 minutes long and stars Kim and her ex-boyfriend Ray J. It begins with mild foreplay and some dialogue between the two countries . There was some controversy as to how the film was released in the first place , and how people have been able to see the full sex tape Kim Kardashian . One is that Kim leaked the video itself . But for those who want to see sex tape full , Kim Kardashian , who do not mind these issues , and they want to see the video .

If some friends ask you where to see the full sex tape , Kim Kardashian , and now can tell where to get it. However , keep in mind that you’ll only watch sex tape full Kim Kardashian and get a video from a trusted site . You must be a legal site and deliver high quality videos for you to get the most out of your money and knowing full sex tape Kim Kardashian .

Many want to see the full sex tape , Kim Kardashian , because it is one of the sex videos of the hottest celebrities today. The film is a disguise for Kim through it , the grace that has gained popularity and success. Advertize made ​​him a celebrity of the moment, and even went viral on the Internet, on the other hand , acted on a lot of programs , serials and support and promotional campaigns . Kim is now happy with her ​​partner and her daughter and Kanye West and North -west.

It Seems That Marriage And Take Kim And Kanye

Everyone is waiting for an update from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in their plans to meet formally . However, the process still seems unreasonable . One reason for ” stand ” is directly related to the relationship the past Kim . Kim married Kris Humphries also said right in the talk show “and show” , which is still technically married to Chris and has to wait until the completion of all divorce proceedings in order to proceed with Kanye West .

Kim talks about Kanye and as your perfect soulmate . They seem to appreciate the relationship we have and so far has been going well . Has had a previous relationship with Kris Humphries somewhat short , and speculation about ulterior motives are still relevant financially made ​​. Kim says, is much happier in her current relationship .

Many fans are worried that the manipulative role of mom , Kim , Kris Jenner , you can play in the development and deployment of wedding plans . Chris Jenner , who happen to share the same name with the former Kim – husband Kris Humphries , may affect the effectiveness of the decisions they make their daughters about their relationship and life in general . There have been speculations about his involvement in the release of the sex tape scandal between Kim Kardashian and Ray J after the incident. It is believed that if Kris Jenner plans a wedding , Kim and Kanye will be a disaster because the only purpose to be directed as much as possible to take advantage of this event . In the opinion of many critics is that they are very money -oriented and lacks the true values ​​of the mother.

Attention seems to be directed mainly towards the reality show and promoted by all possible means . General expectation is that Kris Jenner will stay away from planning a wedding of Kim and Kanye . Hopefully seek appropriate advice on this subject before embarking on it.

Kanye West And Chris’ personal dramas on the Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner and Kanye West are fighting for control of the TV stars , Kim Kardashian endorsements , and personal life , and money and everything else in the belief that they are not able to make personal decisions worthwhile.

Genius, the self-proclaimed , see West himself as uniquely qualified to dictate her boyfriend side of life .

The source said the radar that Kanye and roll without stopping treatment and full control of the race , leaving Chris Kim is out of control completely .

Kanye , unlike native Chris Kim parading her daughter to the effects of a family brand , and believes that the emergence of Kim just embarrassed publicly . Therefore he wants to keep it inside s the maximum extent possible .

Chris offered a plan to take every opportunity publicity daughter received much resistance from Kanye and Kim got who cut his appearance , magazines and media .
As I mentioned before radar , Kanye ( singer ) , and become groomzilla planning every detail of your wedding for the next Kardashian as well as her trademark .

With Kanye and considers himself as a fashion phenomenon , and a radical change in the appearance of Kim since he began dating rapper is not surprising. Are now brown and red lips and dark clothing . This has led to the tradition of wife Beyonce , who is the mentor of the West.

The source said that Kanye goal is to get people to take Kim seriously and respect it.

The fact that Kim remained in the sex tape with rapper Ray J, which is available on the Internet to view all enough to get embarrassed by Kim Kanye reason.

But this is not the case with the mother of Kim , who will not leave without a fight .

The fact that he does not alienate Chris remains a long-term problem that will not go away . S Chris likes a lot of money, and buy her life , Kim is not easy, regardless of how difficult the tickets Kanye to get it to the next level .

Kim Kardashian Personal Life

In October 2007 , Kardashian , along with her mother, Chris ; her stepfather Bruce ; siblings Courtney , Khloe and Rob ‘s ; was commissioned and half sisters Kendall and Kylie via e-mail ! To star in a reality TV series keep up with the Kardashians . A series blow for E! , And led to the creation of spin-off , including Courtney and Kim Take New York and Courtney and Kim Take Miami . December that caused by Kardashian nude pictorial for Playboy .

In 2008 , she made ​​her film debut in the movie spoof disaster disaster film , which appeared as a character named Lisa . In that year , it was announced that as one of the thirteen participants in the seventh season of Dancing with the Stars , where she was partnered with Mark Palace . Kardashian was the third contestant to be eliminated .

In January 2009 , and was a guest star Kardashian same as in an episode of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother in the episode ” benefits .” That in March, launched with the support of Shopping ShoeDazzle, which she is co-founder and chief fashion designer. Then put several other projects , including a combination Cupcake -called plain vanilla ‘VA-VA-VA-NILLA’ bread Los Angeles , cakes celebrities. In April, launched a series of training DVD , fit in your jeans by Friday , with trainers Jennifer Galardi and Patrick Goudeau. In June , it was announced that Kardashian was the star as Il in the television series away from the break . August saw a Kardashian become a guest host WrestleMania XXIV and a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model . In September, launched Fusion Beauty and Seven Bar Foundation ” distance kiss on poverty ” , with Kardashian as the face of the campaign. Per Lip Gloss Lip Fusion sold , $ 1 went to the Foundation to fund women entrepreneurs in the United States.

The following month , she released her first fragrance called ” Kim Kardashian .” At December 16, 2009 , Kardashian made ​​the appearance as a guest of honor at the CBS CSI: NY with Vanessa Minnillo .